Robin Williams dishes on former President Bush on "We Are Most Amused"

“We do have to take a moment of silence to bid a fond farewell to George W. Bush. The end of the reign of George II. The reign, or the ‘error’ is over. America is officially out of rehab. We have come back! He (Bush) is a gift to comedy, though. He is a ‘comedy pinnate!’ I’m gonna miss him. A man that says, ‘I’m the decider!’ No sir. You are the president. You make decisions. Decider’s what they sell in the little jug.”

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Added : 7.2.2016
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Tags: Robin Williams, politics, George Bush, Sarah Palin, We Are Most Amused
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American actor and comedian (1951-2014). Did a lot of stand up comedy before moving to perform in many feature films since 1980.