Katt Williams

Micah S. Katt Williams was born on September 2, 1971, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is an American comedian, rapper, and actor. He was raised in Dayton, the son of a former member of Black Panther Party. He attended Chaminade Julienne Catholic School and at the age of 13 he was homeless for four years in Coconut Grove, Miami, where he lived in a park. He started comedian career while he was under age because he noticed that they didn't ask for ID's in the line for comics, when he first appeared on the stage he was very nervous but the crowd started to laugh! Williams started being comedian on BET Comic View and played numerous supporting characters in movies such as "Friday After Next" Norbit" and "First Sunday". He also made many appprances in video clips of artist such as The Game, Ludacris,T.I., Outkast. He made also four DVD's for his own through the years 2006 and 2010.

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